Monday, July 6, 2015


There is a reason why I fell in love with you.   Your thoughtfulness, your caring is something I always loved about you. 

What I talked to you about earlier in my communicating post, is something I'm truly missing right now. 

I miss the guy that made sure I knew that although he was busy, when he would come back he would show me how excited he was to read my posts.  That even if my post was only a couple of lines, he would show me how much he appreciated that I took the time to say hi. 

For the last little bit I feel like I don't know what to think anymore. 

I miss the guy that would show me he missed me by clicking on all these older posts in a row.  I miss the guy that would take the time to communicate through an older post.  To say good morning or to say this weather is a joke through my own words. 
 I miss knowing that when you would come back to read my newest post, you will show excitement by clicking 4,5,6, times on the post all at the same time. 

Now I get to see one click on each post for the day here and there. 

It's not the numbers I'm talking about here.  I'm talking about the way you taught me to see your excitement in the way you handled my posts. 

I can't stretch enough how much I understand that you are busy and you have things to do.  But even when you were busy with work stuff before... there was not one single day went by when I felt doubtful about the way you feel about me. 

I want this so much, but my heart is breaking right now not knowing how to feel.

That's why I talked to you earlier.  I wanted you to know that I miss you so much every day and I miss the way we have learned to communicate. 

Summer is hard enough being busier with kids.  Not really knowing how your day is going or if you are really busy with work. 

That's why sometimes during the week days I keep my day posts short.  Days like yesterday when it's a Holiday I make sure that you know I'm still here but I don't overwhelm you with a big post. 

I'm taking the time to tell you how I feel, what's happening with my day.  Taking the time to be honest with you about things like the game yesterday, so that you know that I'm serious about this.

I've told you plenty of times that if you are not feeling well, I want to be there for you.  You would have to tell me how you feel as I have no other way of knowing, but if you do I will be here for you.  

You made my heart love you so much.  Your persistence, your kindness, the person that you are, everything that I have seen in you is what I always wanted.   

I am dying to be with you, to get to know you more, to know what it is about you that makes my heart feel so much. 
The situation is complicated, but there is never a second when I don't know what I want or how I feel about you.

All I ask is that you don't change too many things on me right now.  That I continue to see that excitement, that if you are not feeling well you communicate with me so we can work things out some how. 

I said this to you before, I will want to be there for you for the good and the bad days. Even if I seem to be having a good day, if you are not... please do let me know. 

As things stand right now,  I can only go by what you show me here. 

I wish you a good night. 

I want you to know that I'm not upset.  I think I'm more frustrated that I can't be with you than anything. 

Have a good night Jason.

My heart loves you more than you will ever know. ♥

Sunday, July 5, 2015



How's it going love?

Just finished talking with my mom on the phone.  She needed me to help with ideas for an activity.

I'm thinking about going for a walk this evening.  Do you want to come? ;-)

What are you up to?

Some Sundays are super quiet around here and today that seems to be the case.  Utah Sundays are pretty quiet overall.  That's something that took me a while to get used to and at some point I learned to embrace.

In the past I would always be out on Sunday nights.  Usually we would go out to get street food and hang out at the local plaza, where there would be music and other things to do.

When I moved to the City, my favorite way to spend some of my Sunday evenings were by going to the beach at night.  That's something I truly miss doing.  Running on the sand and listening to the waves as the sun goes down.

From time to time I think about the way I spend my life now and how different it feels.  Both ways have brought it's own satisfactions as well as things I feel I could do more of.

What's your favorite way to spend your Sunday evenings?

I seriously can't wait to hear all about these things.

Besos! ♥


Thanks love, I appreciate you being so understanding.

How's your afternoon going?

The sun came out after all.  It feels good outside.
  Having a chill Sunday with the kids.  We have plenty of left overs from yesterday so no cooking today.  Just prepping for the week ahead and hanging out with them. 

I like Sundays that feel like this.   Specially after a busy weekend.

I hope your Sunday is pretty relaxing too.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon baby. 
Thanks for always being such an amazing person. 

Sending much love your way. ♥


Hi Jason, how's your day going?

So hey, I wanted to talk to you about something.  I'm really hoping that this will come across the right way, as I am in no way trying to tell you how to do things.  I'm just letting you know how things are for me right now. 

For the last week or so I noticed different changes in the way you view my posts.  I imagine you do that to keep things fresh and interactive. 

If you and I were already together, I would love and welcome that so much. It's something I strive to do in my life, keeping things fun and such. 

However,  as things stand between us (Waiting, me blogging, not knowing what your day is like to address you according to the situation.) while I'm also dealing with my own transition in my life.  Changes of any kind, can and will most likely throw me off a bit right now.

I am sure there are times when you can notice by my posts that perhaps something doesn't feel right.  I can't stretch this enough...  It never has anything to do with the way I feel about you.  A lot of times I'm truly dealing with a lot in other areas of my life. 

The hard part about communicating this way (which I'm really grateful for anyways) is that not everything can be said here, and some things can come across the wrong way.  Specially as you and I have not had the chance to spend time together yet, allowing us to know each other better.

So if I could ask that we please keep things the same way as we've been doing them since we started when it comes to this blog.  I feel that it would really help until things feel more settled.

I'm aware that Summer means a different schedule for both you and I.  I know you are busy and have things to do.  I'm not talking about how many times you come to check my posts.  I am only talking about the way the views are. 

And only because it can get confusing at times to try to understand if you are wanting to communicate with me by using a post or you are just viewing them a different way. 
  I hope all of this makes sense. 

You don't know how much I want for time to go fast so that things can start to fall into place and feel more settled for both you and I. 

I hope your afternoon is going good and that you are having a very good Sunday so far.

I'll talk to you soon my love. ♥


Buen dia!

How are you this cloudy morning my love?

I woke up and saw that the room was really dark.  For a minute I thought maybe I woke up too early,  but's just really cloudy.

Where did our sunny Summer weather go? =)

I've always loved cloudy mornings so it makes me happy.  But it also makes me miss you when I think about the many conversations we've had about days like this. 

I think that I've always loved cloudy days because they bring with them some of my most precious memories through out my life.   Anytime that I wake up and it's cloudy, it's like I can recall many feel good past experiences. 

I hope your morning is feeling pretty good.

Morning kisses for you my love.

Someone wishes she could be in your arms right now. ♥



Good evening my love!

How was your evening?

We just got home.  It took forever to get out of the parking lot.  It always does since everyone is trying to get out.

The fireworks show is always awesome and this year it wasn't any different.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it.  Lots of people there.  It was fun.

I hope your evening was equally fun.  As always, I couldn't stop thinking about you. =P

I'm going to change into my pj's and get ready for bed.  I'm kind of sleepy.

Have a very good night baby.  Many loving kisses goodnight. ♥

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hello there handsome! 

Just saying hi.  It feels so nice tonight.  I hope you are enjoying your evening. 

Sending a kiss your way. ;) ❤️


Hey baby, what's up?

We just finished eating.  The kids were out most of the day and I spent my day making the meal for today, listening to music and dancing around in the kitchen. =)

It's been a good relaxing day. 

So hey... Every year we take the kids to the 4th of July Real Salt Lake game since they do a fireworks show afterwards.  It's one of our Summer List activities every year. 

Originally we planned it to be one of those activities we would all be a part of.  Last week I asked him to please invite his friend Todd to take my place at the game.  We've been waiting to hear back from Todd.   He said he can't make it. That's why I said earlier that I didn't know what the plan was for me today. 

I've thought about it and I think it's important that I'm there for my kids.  That they get to enjoy something they (mainly Kay) look forward to.

I just thought I should mention it.

I'll talk to you from my phone.  I hope your day has been fun so far.  I'd give anything to be spending it with you, I hope you know that. 

I'll talk to you soon. 

Te quiero mucho mi amor. ♥


Hi honey!

I hope you are having a fun day.  I imagine you are out today, so you might not see this until later, but I still wanted to say hi.

Tell you that you are on my mind.

Enjoy your afternoon my love. 

I'll see you later today.

Tell whoever gets to see you today that someone wishes to trade places with them. ;-) ♥


Hey good looking... what's happening?

I'm just getting ready for the day.  I'm going to start making some yummy food so the kids can eat when they get home. They've been out all morning.
 I'm going to enjoy some good music and a fruit drink while I'm at it. ;-)  

I just wanted to say hello and wish you a very good afternoon. 

Always with me Jason. 

I hope you are enjoying your day. 

I'll talk to you soon my love. ♥