Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hey baby! :)

Stopping by to give my love a kiss. ;) I saw that you are a bit busy this evening. 

I'm going to be working on some things here too and wanted to come wish you a pretty great evening with whatever you are working on.

Nos vemos en un rato, mi corazon.

Te mando un apachurrante abrazo y un besote bien enorme. ;) ♥♥♥


Hey sweetie! 

I have an appointment in the next little bit and I won't be able to talk to you so I figured I'd come say hi. 

I hope you will have a great afternoon and great end to your day. 

Te veo en un rato mi amor. 

Un beso bien grande. ❤️❤️❤️


How's it going for my love?

It should be a crime to want so much to come steal a kiss from you right now and not be able to. =-(

I hope today has been going smoothly for you. 

Headed out the door to get some deliveries done.  For the last couple of weeks the meals have been ready earlier so I'm taking advantage of that and going a bit early so I can finish by noon. 

I hope your day will continue to go great, babe.  No doubt someone is and will be thinking of you. ;)

I'll see you a bit later this afternoon.

I can't quite say that I'm stealing a kiss from you because having to explain it takes the fun out of it. ;)  But one day I'll be able to... until that day comes I'm sending them to you.  Each and everyone of those kisses with much love. 

Hasta pronto, mi amore. ♥

Solo quise pasar a decirte que te quiero y que espero tu dia de trabajo este comenzando genial. ;)

Besote. ♥


Un besote de buenos dias para mi persona favorita. :)

Deseo que aunque un poco ocupado... estes comenzando el dia muy bien, bebé.

¡Excelente Miercoles por la mañana para mi amor!

MUAH! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hey handsome guy! :)

Vine a darte las buenas noches con un beso bien grande, bebé.  Que en lo que estes trabajando todo te haya ido muy bien hasta ahora y asi siga.

¡Que pases muy buena noche, Jason!

Buen descanso al dormirte, mi amor.

MUAH! ♥♥♥


What's my honey doing this evening? :)

I finished the class, but I thought it was just okay.  Unless they are explaining and giving out tips I feel that talking too much can be unnecessary.  I still appreciate that they offer it for free.  I'll still try to attend the other ones coming up and see how those go. 

So how's it going for you?

I saw that you stopped by.  I wrote you a short message right away, but I don't think you got to see it because I saw that you came back a couple more times to let me know you were here.

Anyhow... maybe you are a little busy.  I can tell that sometimes you are.  I just hope you know that it's okay to tell me you are, even if it seems that it's a lot.  Specially on a week like this.   I know and understand that this is probably a time when you have a lot to do and I wouldn't want you to ever have to worry about me not understanding that. 

I not only understand it, but would want to be supportive of it in any form that I can.

My night is pretty average.  I have a few things to do for the evening, all while enjoying a little Yiruma. :)

I love listening to that station, particularly at night when I'm doing something.  I feel that it's quite relaxing and sets the mood for ending my night right. 

I hope you will have a really great one too, Jason.  I am sending loving kisses your way, my love.

Que la pases muy bien en lo que sea que este haciendo.



Hey there! :)

What's my honey up to this late afternoon?

I'm back at home and came to send a kiss your way.  I don't know if you are busy but I thought I'd say hi since I'm going to be taking a class in the next little bit.

Remember the last class I took not too long ago?

It kind of opened doors to new sites and free content I can take advantage of.  The only downside to the free classes from this particular site is that you have to watch them live. You can purchase the right to download it and watch it at your own convenience, but if there is a free option... I usually try to go for that. :)  This one is only an hour and ten minutes I believe.

I hope you will have a great rest of the afternoon, baby.

Buen provecho si apenas vas a cenar.  Espero pases un atardecer agradable.

Nos vemos en un rato.

Besos para mi amor. ;) ♥


How's it going for Mr. C today? :)

I hope it's been a good Tuesday and everyone behaving good for you.  I bet they all already think you are the coolest ever.  I mean what's not to like, right?! :P

I'll never stop saying how lucky every single one of those kids are to have you. Yes, I might be a little "biased" here (not sure that's the word I would use) but all jokes aside, you are pretty amazing babe, and I hope everyone appreciates you. 

My day is going pretty good.  Getting some things done before it's time to go pick up Kay.  I really need to figure out if there is a bus she could take to school.  It would be so helpful.

I'm taking her to get some supplies she will need after I pick her up.  It shouldn't take very long but if we are not back I'll stop by and say hi.  We should be back by then though. 

I hope you will continue to have a pretty great afternoon, my love.

Muchos besos para el mejor maestro del mundo. ;) ♥♥ 


How's it going today?

I saw your hello. :)  Sounds good, hopefully it's been a great morning for you.

I was going to say hi earlier because I happened to come check right when you were here, but since you were busy I figured I'd wait until after 9.  Then I saw you here again and I was thinking I should have just talked to you then. :(

Maybe I'll do that next time and see how that goes. :)

I hope your day will continue to go very good.  I'll see you around noon or whenever I see you are back.

I'm sending your way a huge kiss. ;)

Te quiero, mi guapo. ♥