Wednesday, October 26, 2016


¡Buenas tardes por alli mi amor! :)

¿Que tal la ya casi salida del trabajo?

Having a little late lunch here (well more of a snack) before it's time to go get the kiddo.

Feeling so glad that I get to be home for the rest of the day after that.  Yay! :D

I need to get some editing done but that's the fun part of it all. 

I hope your day has gone well today and that you are having a great afternoon.  Unfortunately I'm just saying hello because I need to get out the door but we'll talk a little more this late afternoon. 

Muy buen fin a tu dia laboral mi cielo.    Me hace falta un apachurron bien grande tuyo ahora mismo. :)

Un beso mi amor. ♥


Hey there! :)

Stopping by to see how my love's morning is going.

A bit of a crazy morning for me but now just going to do some deliveries which should go pretty fast. 

I still wanted to come say hi though. :D

I sure hope your morning is going great.  In the middle of my mad morning it's nice to think about my favorite smile... makes everything better. :P

Nos vemos en un rato mas solecito. 

Espero sigas pasando una linda mañana mi amor. 

Besos. ♥

❤️ :P


How's my love today? :)

MUAH!! ♡

I saw that you were busy last night... I hope you were able to get everything done and get some rest, baby. 

Hopefully your morning is looking a little more mild but if not... well.... I hope it's starting great.

I have a bit of a busy start of the day here.  It seems to go that way lately on Wednesday when I also have my deliveries I get to be busy the most.  I suppose it's good that it's all at the same time. 

Anyhow... I'll stop by and say hello in between.  Maybe before I leave depending on how your morning is going too. 

Have a great start of your day at work, my love!

Empezar mi dia contigo y darte un beso de buenos dias es la mejor manera de comenzar la mañana. ;)

Que todo te vaya muy bien bebé.

Besote bien enorme.

Te quiero. ♥

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey baby!

Going to bed so I came to say goodnight... give lots of kisses to my handsome man before I go to bed. ♡

I hope you've had a really great evening and of course that you will have a good night tonight. :)

Sweet dreams babe!

Besitos bien tiernos... MUAH!!

Te quiero mas de lo que todas las palabras en este mundo pudiesen describir. ;)


I'm back!

Finally the day is winding down a little bit here.   How about you... how's your night?

I got back from Salt Lake and my street was half done.  I'm so excited that they are about to finish and we get a nice smooth road finally. :)

So anyway... I had to help this kiddo with her violin practice for tonight since I keep forgetting that I need to get her a stand.  Do you remember how I told you they were having their first concert soon?  It's in two weeks.  I'm super excited to go to that... I've been looking forward to her very first concert. :)

She just told me today that she plans to stick with violin for the three years at this school and beyond that if possible.  She said she wants to get good at it.  Music to my ears of course, I really hope she continues to love it.  I mean I will respect whatever she wants to do if she chooses later that she wants to play a different instrument but for now I'm really happy that she wants to stick with it.

So what are you doing right now?

I have a couple of things to do before I can officially call it a day but so far a really good night.

I hope your night is going really good too. 

Are you guys having a Halloween parade?  If so... what's my love going to dress up as? :)

We have our church party which to be honest I don't want to dress up for but they are having a competition for best costume so that would be fun to participate on.  

It sounds bad but I'm feeling a little burned out this season with holiday activities.  I'm almost ready to be done with Halloween and everything.  I know... I sound like a total party pooper, but there is just so much to work on for each holiday.   I might get excited as it gets closer though.   The good news is... I don't think Kay has a school parade this year, which should make things a whole lot easier only doing makeup once on the actual Halloween day.  Excited about that one. Ha!

So anyway... I wish I could see what you are dressing up as (if you are).  Take a picture and save it for me so I can see it later. :P

I should probably get this posted but sending you kisses... lots of them. 
I hope your night will continue to go very good, my handsome.

Como cada dia... contigo quisiera estar. ♥♥ 


Hey! :)

Made it back home... just now actually.  Unfortunately just saying hi my love.  I need to get something done in the next little bit. 

I'll get Ash in bed and then come talk to you right after unless I see that you might be doing something, in which case I'll just talk to you tonight.

Deseandote un buenisimo anochecer mi amor.

Lo siento que ha estado un poco ocupado pero hablamos mas en un ratito. 

Muchos besos...

Nos vemos pronto mi guapo. :)

¡EY MI AMOR! :) ♥

Stopping by a little early to say hi and send some love your way.  I am going to end up having to go to Salt Lake today because they are pouring the pavement on my street starting this late afternoon and possibly finishing tomorrow is what I was told.

I'll go do that before they start on it so I'm not stuck home not being able to go anywhere. 

I'll see you and talk to you a bit more this evening.  I hope you will have a great end to your work day.

Nos vemos pronto bebé.

Un besote bien enorme. :)


What are we having for lunch babe? :)

Is it just me or today seems to be flying by!?  It sure feels like it.
  Well... at least that means I get to talk to you sooner. ;)

How's the start of your afternoon?

I have to go to Salt Lake here but I'm really trying to postpone it.  Just not feeling the drive today.  I think I can wait until tomorrow... we'll see. 

I'd rather be having lunch with my love right now.  Why can't that be one of the things on my list for the day... pouty face! 

Well I hope that you've had or will have a really good and enjoyable lunch time. 

I get to eat my rabbit food so you would probably pass on that anyway. Haha!
But hey... the company would be excellent. ;)

Un besote mi guapo amor.

Que tu dia siga yendo excelente... Mucho cariño hasta que hablemos otra vez. ♥


How's your morning?

Espero te haya gustado el beso estrujante que te deje por alli. :D

So how's work today... is everyone happy to be back from fall break?

Well... happy to be back from any break is probably not a reasonable expectation for them, but I hope it's a good day. :)

It's been a good morning here.  It's my Monday but I am actually happy to be back to just having an average day.   It won't last me much as I have to get ready for Halloween, but for now it'll do. 

I hope you will continue to have a pretty great morning, my love.

Muchos besos para el mejor maestro que hay. 

MUAH!!! ♥