Thursday, November 15, 2018


Stopping by to give you a morning kiss and to wish you a great one. :)

A little busy here as well sweetie.  I'm headed out to West Jordan for an appointment at 10:30. 

I'll be back home at around 1:30pm or so. 

I'll see you then if you are back, otherwise I'll just see you when you are.

Que tengas una muy buena mañana hasta entonces.

Much love and a kiss bebé! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I saw earlier that you stopped by to say you were busy so I'm keeping the pictures I was going to show you for later when you are not too busy. 

But.... you still get pictures. :) 

Except they are mine.  I was testing my meter to check on lighting for Saturday.  I am unsure where they are assigning me this time.  I got requested to do the dance, but Tara (the lady in charge of all the photographers) never did reply to that. 

That made me wonder if this time I'll be covering the dinner.  I guess I'll see on Saturday.

I'll be excited either way.  Last year I really wanted to cover the dinner but got assigned to the dance.  Which ended up being a good thing because I didn't have much experience with it and got to use my flash and diffuser.  

I'm curious to see what my pictures will look like this year in comparison to last. 

I'm a dork but I get really excited when I get to compare previous work with most recent one.  So much that you just got to hear about it twice. 0=-)  I'm sorry... I just happened to have had a week that has been so focused on learning and on work that it has me all pumped up to see how I can implement all of that on Saturday.  :)

Anyway... I got two more pictures for you.  They are a little too close since I was trying to keep my eye on the meter, but I thought you would still like to see them. ;)

I promise you won't get to hear me say anything about pictures tomorrow. :D

Have a great night sweetie! 

Lots of goodnight kisses coming your way.  That's what I should have done... I should have taken a picture blowing you kisses. I'll do that next time. 

Por ahora te los soplo hasta que lleguen a donde estas. :)

Hasta mañana cariño... Te quiero. ♥︎


What are you up to my love?

I'm here ready to go but I think I'm not going anywhere.  Ashton is not feeling well so he is asleep.  

Kaylynn will have to go by herself to her evening of excellence.  I feel so bad that I won't be able to come, but it's too cold to take Ash when he is not feeling good. 

So not much happening here this evening.  I was going to continue editing but I think I'll take a break since I've been working at it like crazy.  I already delivered most of my galleries so I think a little break is in place before I pull another 14 hour work day. :)

This week has been so crazy with more than just work stuff, but I have to say that it has also been so satisfying in certain aspects.  I feel that I have learned so much in the last little bit. 

I think I mentioned to you that I joined a photography group a few months back and it's been super helpful! 

Not just with tips on how to get better at my work, but also with things I had no idea I could run into.

I'm beginning to understand why photography is so expensive.  There really is a lot that goes into being a photographer.  It goes beyond just picking your camera and wanting to make a living out of it. 

And yet from the artistic side of it, it can also be oh so rewarding! 

I've been looking into getting a film camera.  Not quite to use it for work, but to learn how to shoot film.  A smaller beginner's camera that can help me get the idea of how to shoot film.   I see the beautiful images and there is no comparison between digital and film.  Film wins every time!

I've been able to get some film like images here and there with my camera.  And it has gotten me to want to learn how to actually shoot film. 

Who knows maybe at some point I would go Hybrid. :)  Which is a photographer that shoots both digital and film. 

Remember how I told you before that I was terrible at it?  It still makes me giggle that this is the path I ended up taking.  But it would be even more fun if I actually learned to shoot film. 

I would imagine that now that I know how to work the settings on an slr camera and shoot manual, then it wouldn't be so hard to shoot film.   Maybe...  I don't know.  Shooting film is quite an adjustment for what I hear. 

You really have to trust yourself and believe that you got some decent shots because you certainly won't get to see your work until it comes back from the lab. 

Makes me think of that experiment where they did with the marshmallows.  I think I told you about it... the one from Stanford?

Most definitely no instant gratification when you shoot film but you probably learn to be very good at your job. 

Anyhow... sorry I'm geeking out on you with all my recent photography learning, but it's been fun to be able to implement it in the last few days as I've been editing. 

Would you like to see some of my recent work?

I'll show you some if you are not too busy with your evening.  If you are busy, it is totally fine.  I can show them to you later.  I'm just so excited with the way they turned out. :)

Anyway... I hope your evening is pretty good whatever you are up to right now. 

I wish I could hear all about it bebé.  Soon enough... :)

Un beso mi guapo. ♥


I am back!  How's your day going?

I saw that you stopped by to say you were busy so just wanted to come say hi.

Unfortunately a bit the same here my love.  I'm going to get some work done for a couple of hours and then I need to get ready for Kaylynn's program.  

I'll stop by and talk to you for a bit before we leave for that.  You can just see it when you are back. :)

I hope your day is going well with everything you are working on.

Nos vemos en un rato mi corazon.

Kiss for my love! :)  


How's my love today?

Un besote de buenos dias. ;)

I hope your work day is up to a great start.

A bit busy here too honey.  I have an appointment at 10am that I need to get ready for. 

I'll be home around noon though.  It's just here in Orem so it shouldn't take too long. 

I'll come talk to you if I see you here, if you are still busy then it's okay... I'll just see you when you are back.

Que pases una buena mañana hasta entonces.

Nos vemos pronto.  Mas besos! ;)

Te quiero.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Going to bed and came to send you goodnight kisses. :)

I was going to check on some pj's for this Christmas but I'm too tired and probably will make a horrible choice. Ha!

Doing matching pajamas again.  I think it would be a fun tradition to do every year. 

I didn't even think about Etsy, but I have been able to find some pretty awesome designs there.  

Do you ever shop on Etsy?  I rarely do, but every time I visit the site I always think... why don't I come here more often? 

They even have some awesome costume made items for photographers. 

I'll definitely be browsing their stuff next week. 

Anyway honey... I hope it's been a good evening for you.  I'm going to get ready for bed and call it a night. :)

Much love and kisses handsome guy.... I'm wishing you a very good night!

Te quiero mi Jason.


Sorry it took a while to get back bebé.  I have Ash a little sick.  

I needed to get some items to try to help him feel better.  I wouldn't want to leave Kaylynn in charge of him Saturday while he is still sick.  Hopefully he'll be much better by then. 

I'm sorry it sounds like it's all mad here.  It isn't, it's just that I've had to take time here and there to do other things, Kaylynn has her evening of excellence tomorrow. 
  Busy week for sure but not too bad. 

How's your night? :)

Can I come be with you? :D

Pretty good here... having a good laugh.   I just got a text from Janille letting me know that she got the biggest bird she found at the store.

I was teasing her that she has better gotten some Tofurky! Haha!

Do you know what that is?  You probably have no idea.

Tofurky is a vegan/vegetarian friendly brand for people who don't eat meat.  It has become the joke at our house because it sounds way too funny to say that. 

I tease Kaylynn.. Tofurky... just sit down and eat the freaking turkey! Ha!

There is too much room for jokes in that word.  Seriously!

Janille of course had no idea what that was and she just bursted out laughing when I told her what it is.  

A couple of years ago Kaylynn and I we were watching an interview with Jesse Eisenberg and Jimmy Fallon.   Jesse was talking about how he grew up in a vegetarian family.  He mentioned that they would have tofurky on Thanksgiving,  and the audience burst out laughing.  I remember thinking... what in the world!?

Now I have become all too familiar with it too. Ha!

I have to tell you though... I haven't had any meat since she went vegetarian back in June.  I eat fish (mostly salmon) but I haven't had any other meat and I actually have come to enjoy it.  I noticed that I feel better too.  So maybe just maybe I will go full pescatarian. 

In case you don't know what that is... as the name suggest...a pescatarian it is a type of vegetarian... a person that integrates fish into his/her vegetarian diet. 

It was too funny with Janille.  She said... “Never a dull day with the two of you.”  Haha!

Anyway... now you know about tofurky. :D

I'll probably never find myself grabbing any of their products.  I don't understand the point of buying a pretend meat.  We have had so many delicious meals that didn't include any of that. 

Did you know that Kneaders have a vegetarian sandwich?  Try it whenever you go there, I promise you will love it!

I always get mine on focaccia (my favorite bread as you know) and I add a side of red pepper gouda soup.  So good! 

I'm hungry now! :)

Anyhow my love... I hope you had a good laugh over the tofurky stuff.  I'm going to get back to editing but I'll come back and say goodnight.

I hope you are having a good evening.

Un beso mi corazon.

I’ll BE BACK MY LOVE... ❤️

running a quick errand. I’ll get Ash in bed and come talk to you. 

Be back soon! :) 

Beso mi amor. ❤️


¿Como va tu dia cariño? :)

Having a good Tuesday?

I'm sorry I didn't see you here earlier.  I would check here and there and didn't see you back until now but it shows you were here before 1pm.  Weird!

Anyway... not too bad here.  Just working away and listening to this girl I discovered not too long ago. 

Her name is Daniela Andrade.  She does a lot of different covers but so far my favorite is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.  I don't know if you are a fan of that song but I love it.  And this is such a soothing version of it. 

They have a completely different vibe.  I also love her version of La Vie En Rose.  

Check her out whenever you have some time.  You might like her style or you might not but it's still worth a watch. 

It's nice for days like this when I'm editing all day and I need a change in tunes. 

Amy Winehouse in da house too. :)

Do you like her music?

I know she is one of those artist that people either love or hate. 

I happen to really love her work.  My very favorite songs are Love Is A Losing Game, Tears Dry (the original version).  There is Tears Dry On Their Own, but I love the original version so much more. 

I don't know why but I love the soulful melody of those songs.  The very defined sound of the drums while still a very defined soft tune to it.   And of course her voice is just perfection with a mixture of angry passion yet so heartfelt!

I'm pretty sure I've said this to you before but sometimes I listen to a song for the melody.  The lyrics can be very good too sometimes, but the mood of the song is what I connect with the most. 

Sadly you can't find much of that on the radio these days.  This is good music to go back to.  Well... at least if you like her. 

Anyway... that's my day so far... dancing and singing while I get work done. :D

I hope yours is going pretty great too. 

Beso mi amore. ♥


How's my love today? :)

I hope having a very good start to your day. 

Just stopping to say good morning.  I saw that you are busy and I'm about to get to work here too. 

I will be home all day though.  I'll be getting all of my editing done today, so I'll be here...

I'll see you whenever you are back.

Que tu dia vaya excelente hasta entonces.

Kisses for my love! :) ♥︎