Thursday, March 5, 2015


Amazing how a little gesture can mean so much.  Don't you think?

That smile was a combination of both mischievousness and shyness!!
I liked it!

This morning I had to go get gas in my car. I caught myself smiling a few times.  I was reminded of the time when someone felt the need to clarify their age and the word grandpa was the only thing that I could say.

 I've never been a nervous person but that day I was a total nervous wreck.

It's crazy how different, things are today.  
I don't know how or when but one day things just weren't the same.

I hope your Thursday is going as good as mine.  I will be thinking about that smile. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Buen dia!

It's been a pretty crazy morning already.  I feel a little tired today. 
I need a Red Bull to give me wings. haha  jk! I don't drink that stuff. I tried it once. I didn't like it!

I drove by a Dunkin' Donuts the other day.  Whenever I see that place it reminds me of Cancun. 

I lived in Cancun for a few months.  My mom, brother and I moved there with my uncle and his family.   My mom managed a kitchen for a Construction group and we had to get up super early to help with all the food prep.

A couple of days a week we would stop by the local Dunkin' Donuts and pick up a dozen of hot freshly made doughnuts.

I got so excited the first time I went into a Dunkin' Donuts in the US.  Only to be disappointed.  The doughnuts were neither hot or fresh. 

Cancun was a fun place to live at.  We lived away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas but got to go dancing in the heart of the hotel zone a few times. 

Both sides of my family love Salsa dancing and so we went to have some fun at a place called Bachata.  They played both salsa and bachata music.  I had never seen so many people from so many different countries at once.  That was pretty cool!

I love to hear people speak other languages.  I would really like to learn a couple other languages if I can.  I'm self-taught in English.  I always had a fascination for it.

The thing with learning a new language is that you are not just learning to communicate with other people.  You are actually opening doors to a whole new culture and way of life.  It's quite fascinating when you think about it.

How is your night going?

I am a little late finishing this post.  Ashton refused to go to bed on time.
I still wanted to say good night.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  I am excited to say hi! ;)

Buenas noches!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


How's it going today?

I just looked outside and looks like we got some snow.  I've lived in Utah for nearly 14 years now and some days, snow seems just as magical as the first time I experienced my first real snow storm. 

I complain about driving in it but I actually really like snow.

What are your best memories of "first time" things that you have experienced?

You know what I would really like to do in this life time?
I would love to travel to China's country side.  I would love to experience what it feels like to wake up surrounded by so much nature.  

Call me crazy but I would actually really like to do some field work.  Eat their traditional foods and drink lots of tea surrounded by people I can't understand a word from. haha

Italy is another Country that I really want to visit.  I would like to visit the main touristic places as well as their country side.  I would really love to stay with a local family and learn how to cook authentic Italian food.  Visit a vineyard.  Eat lots of freshly made pasta and gelato until I explode.

There is actually this little Italiano market up in Salt Lake.  They have a lot of stuff you can't find at a regular grocery store.  I like to get their fresh pasta for my Italian food experimenting at home.

I wish you could tell me more about you!

The day has gone by fast.  I picked up Kay from school and she told me that this week is teacher appreciation week.  Apparently it started yesterday and she forgot to let me know. 

What to get for Kay's awesome teacher?  Any ideas? 

Movie tickets? 0=-)

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Monday, March 2, 2015


Rainy, snowy days are my soup making weather.  
They are just so cozy, don't you think?

They are even better when its the weekend and you can just hang out at home.  Curl up in the couch with a blanket, a movie and your favorite people right next to you.

It's Monday, and sort of a busy day... but I am really loving the weather today.

Do you like rainy days?
I wish I could hear an actual answer to that question. I wish I could know more about the person on the other end. The person reading this.

Today is one of those days when I'm a little impatient.  One of those days that I wish I could say more, show more, do more.

Do you ever feel that way?

I hope you are having an amazing start to your week.  I am again, missing someone.  These days that's how it usually is!

Today I had a lot of things to do around the house and therefore had a lot of time to think.

I needed this time to think and try to put my thoughts in order. I don't know about you but my days are getting harder and harder.

So much to do, so much to get done.  I would really like to get some areas of my life in order.

I am a person that craves balance and I haven't had much of that in the last few months.  Sometimes things are just too confusing to distinguish what's real and what is not.

When something matters so much to me, I like it to be a little more tangible... a little more real.  

This morning I had an interesting conversation with Keith.  I went to his work place a couple of weeks ago.  I had to drop off something.  It was literally my third time there since he transferred to that location a few months ago.

Keith always talks about co-workers giving him compliments about his family.
They think that his wife is um... "Attractive."

Anyways,  my visit made for some interesting conversations between Keith and his co-workers.

My point with this is... 
I am flattered that some people see me that way, but I am much more than that.  I strive to be a decent human being. I want people to want me in their life because of the way I am, not because of the way I look.

I am by nature a very faithful person.  The only way I would ever allow myself to look at another guy in that way is if I was ─in any way─ betrayed first.  If my feelings for my partner were gone, and I had enough reasons to move on emotionally speaking.  

I would of course,  have to see something pretty special (to me) in that person.  But that would be a whole other conversation.

  I like to see a certain rawness in people.  I am attracted to beautiful minds and amazing hearts.
Physical attraction is important but it is not everything.

Some people want more from a relationship and I am one of them.
If I am willing to put in the work, I would like to know that I can expect the same.

Tonight there is much to think about.  My heart is craving balance. 

I feel like I am ready to see where following my heart takes me.

What about you?  Are you ready to see where your heart takes you? =-)

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Sunday, March 1, 2015


How is your weekend going?

Yesterday I took the kids to City Creek.  It was a pretty fun day.  We went into a few of our favorite stores and we had dinner at The Blue Lemon.

The food was really good.  The place was packed and we had to wait in line for a long time but it was worth it.

The day was pretty cold and gloomy but it felt good to be out.

I love the feel of metro areas.  
I really enjoy looking at all the different building structures.

The kids were pretty hungry.  They were both much happier once we sat down to eat.  

The food at this location was pretty awesome.
Have you been to this restaurant? I believe they have different locations in Utah as well as a couple other States.

Kay and I both had turkey avocado sandwiches with butternut squash soup and focaccia on the side.

The sandwich was yummy but it reminded me so much of a torta.

Weird, random observation but the number 11 seems to be following me everywhere these days.   Turururu Turururu...  =-o

 We had a pretty good time.  
We saw these pretty cool books at Anthropologie.  Kay and I have been looking for some books for her room.  Although the photography was amazing on both books, she would like something different.

We stopped by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and then we headed home.

It was fun to be out with my kids.  The drive up to Salt Lake was pretty relaxing.  Kay kept me entertained with her 'yo mama' jokes.

She asked what I would do if I got pulled over.  I told her... well, that's why you carry a bag of doughnuts in your car.

 So you can say... Officer, what seems to be the problem? Then you hand him a doughnut before he has a chance to reply.  

She thought that was hilarious.  We both had a good laugh.

I was hoping to get this post up last night but Kay got sick.  I think it was food poisoning.  We ate the same things except for the pretzel she got from the chocolate factory.  I don't know what made her sick.

I think it's sweet that everytime she gets sick she wants me to make her homemade chicken noodle soup.  She needs her mommy's love to feel better. =-)

I hope you are having a great weekend.  I had a pretty good day yesterday.  I was missing someone, but it felt good to be out and about with my kids.

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Friday, February 27, 2015


Well... it looks like yesterday I was having a good day. Don't you think?
Notice my sarcasm there? 0=-)

You didn't think I was that perfect, did you? 
I mean gorgeous, smart, incredibly charming and all that, it just wouldn't be fair to other women. haha!  
Kidding! I am just messing with you! ;-)

In all seriousness today is a new day.  It feels much better.
Bad days are real and they feel crappy.  I am grateful that today the sun is shining brighter than yesterday.

Speaking of the sun... I really can't wait to take my morning walks again.  I am waiting for the weather to warm up a little so that Ashton will be comfortable while he rides in his stroller.

I love to snap pictures of nature with my phone.  I love to soak in the beauty of a shining brand new day of life.  It makes me feel alive.

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone.

I hope you are having a good Friday.  The weekend is here already.  I am going to be watching my pre-recorded shows.  Maybe take the kids out for a treat or something.

Insurgent is coming out on March 20th.  I am so excited to watch that movie.
Do you want to come with me? =-)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Some days you wake up in so much pain you wish that people you care about could read your thoughts and most importantly, understand your heart.

You wish they understood the meaning behind your silence.  You wish they understood the pain behind the struggle to open up.

Acceptance is important for us human beings to survive this ride we call life.
We do things hoping that people will notice.  We do things hoping that people will care.

Today is one of those days when I am just going to climb up in bed.  No makeup, not getting dressed for the day.  Just me and my cup of tea.
Just me being a mother, just me making sense of the sacrifices that may need to be made.

It seems that at this moment I lack the ability to do things right in a way that makes everyone happy.

I feel like at the end of the day the only thing that should matter is that people are trying.  Yet, it seems that sometimes, it is just not good enough.

A few weeks back, I was talking to my friend Laura about people who have gone through a lot in life.  People who are often broken and somehow manage to put themselves back together.  I really enjoyed her little story about how she and her boyfriend helped each other heal, after feeling broken.

It seems that acceptance was a big part of their success.  They both understood that love is selfless and patient.  That to conquer obstacles in a relationship, both partners must be fully invested and equally involved.

Their understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses grew as they learned to accept each other for who they were. 

Their story is very inspirational to me.  Having felt completely broken myself, I can relate.

Laura is a strong woman.  You would never know everything that she has gone through by just talking to her.   We have a good friendship and I learn a lot from her.

Moments like today when I feel misunderstood, I have a hard time with my understanding of how other people's minds and hearts work.

I suppose I could take my own advice about accepting others and their struggles.  I am trying to do that. I really am.

I am trying to understand the frustration that others may go through when their expectations are not met.

I consider myself a person of integrity.  I try my best to always be upfront with people and let them know how I feel.  This however, only happens with those I know well and I feel comfortable talking to.

If there is any doubt in my mind that the person I'm trying to talk to might deny everything, I will struggle to go there.

I think that's normal self-protection behavior.  It doesn't make me a coward or a less respectable person.  It makes me human.  It makes me a person who is careful.

I am discovering myself through this journey I'm going through at this moment.  It's a total rollercoaster.  Some days are okay and some days are really hard and dark.

I know that I am not the only person going through dark days right now.  But I give myself a pat on the back for doing it all on my own while taking care of others.  That's a real challenge in itself.

It doesn't help that Ashton is giving me a generous taste of the terrible 2's.   I sometimes just have to laugh or dance it out.  Whatever I am able to do at the moment helps. 

My unorthodox ways of doing things may not be the most acceptable way to handle certain situations.  But it's the best I can do when I'm unsure of how things really are.

Give people credit for trying.  One day you may just discover that all they needed was a little acceptance to become everything they could be.