Monday, August 29, 2016


Buen medio dia, mi amor... que tal te esta yendo?

Do you know who Juan Gabriel is?

I just found out that he died.  He was like a David Bowie or Prince for Mexico. I grew up listening to his songs and it's a little sad to hear that he is gone.  He was only 66 too.

The one thing that comes to mind is putting his music on... the old records on the stereo.  You know the old school black discs.  Good memories.

Maybe I'll play some of his music full blast today to remember old times. :)

En fin...

Espero sea una buena tarde hasta ahora y que tu dia de trabajo termine muy bien.

Un beso en esa sonrisa coqueta. ;) ♥

HEY! :) ♥

So I get a kiss, huh?!

Oooh! ;)

I'm sending you lots of them too, my love.

No hay nada mejor que cuando me mandas besos. :P

Alumbras mi corazon y alegras mi dia. 

Te quiero, mi Jason. ♥


¿Como va todo para ti? :)

Todo bien hasta ahora espero. 

Un poquito ocupado aqui pero aun asi no puedo dejar de venir a darle un besote a mi maestro preferido. :P

Ojala todo te este yendo de maravilla en este Lunes y tus alumnos se esten portando bien para ti.

Nos vemos en un rato mas, amore.

Que sigas pasando una gran mañana.

MUAH, MUAH! ;) ♥


MUAH! :)

Happy start of the week!

Sending you much love too, baby.  I hope your Monday morning is already pretty great.

Have an excellent start of your day at work.

Beso bien enorme de buenos dias para mi amore. ;)

Te quiero mucho, mucho. ♥

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Going to bed, my love.  I saw that you are busy so I just came to give you a kiss goodnight. :)

I hope it's been a good evening and everything going great if you are working on something.

Hasta mañana...

Un besote.

¡Buenas noches, mi amore! ♥


Hey! :)

What's happening?

Definitely more awake right now than earlier here. :)  It was one of those Sundays when it seemed to go a little too slow.

Now just doing some stuff for the week while I wait for Kaylynn to get home.  She went to a fireside tonight.  I was going to come too but it doesn't get over until 9 and that's a little too late for Ashton on a Sunday night.

Have you ever heard of Swiss Days?  Kendall texted me tonight to ask if I wanted to come with her.  I had never even heard of it before.  It's a city festival in Midway with outdoor craft booths, food, vendors and live music. I think they even have a parade. 

It still amazes me how many things happen in Utah that all this time I haven't known about. Makes me think that I've been living under a rock. Ha!

I told her I'm in.  Sure, why not! :)

So anyway... just a quiet Sunday night getting some prep done.  I hope yours is going well.

Besos, guapo. 

Que pases un buen anochecer, mi amor. ♥


I don't know if you are a little busy or just trying to give me some time to get back home and such.  If it's the latter then... thank you. :)

I thought I'd come say hi either way because I'm going to take a short nap. I feel a little bit tired, my love. I think I could really use one so I don't look like a walking zombie. Ha! 

I hope you are having a great late afternoon and overall Sunday.

Muchos besos, mi corazon.

Te veo en un rato cuando este un poco mas coherente. ;)

Buen atardecer hasta entonces.

MUAH!! ♥♥♥


Hey there love of mine.  Just sending a kiss in between classes. I hope your afternoon is going great.

I will see you a little bit later, until then much love is going your way. 

MUAH!! ❤️❤️❤️


Que pasó con ese flirteo. ;)

¿Como te va esta mañana? 

I'm here having a super late breakfast.  I was waiting for you to show up. :P

Kidding of course... I actually wasn't very hungry until now. 

I was reading this article about a couple of schools in FL and TX that give their HS seniors a parking spot and they are allowed to decorate them with paint however they want to.

I think that's really cool.  They are encouraging creativity by doing that and it's awesome.  Some of these are really cool looking.  Themes like Harry Potter & Calvin and Hobbes, which I love.

I know at that age, I would have enjoyed something like that.  Not only did I love drawing but was learning to drive.  Which was actually quite funny because my uncle did not want to actually let me drive his truck. 

When I first asked asked him to teach me to drive, I had to wait forever for him to say yes.  And when he finally did... guess what he had me do for days before I figured out he wasn't really serious about it?

He would have me start the truck, then while still on park put my foot on the accelerator and try to position my foot "correctly."  He said I had to master that before I could go anywhere and that I wasn't doing a good job. Haha

 I did that for days, until I got pissed off and he realized he could no longer fool me with that one.

He told me I was too "spirited" to be driving and that I was dangerous.  Whatever!

I think he might have done some psychological damage (haha.. totally kidding.)  because Kaylynn tells me I'm a daredevil when driving. 0=-)

I'm really not.  I am actually quite a safe driver, just not a nervous person.

Anyhow... cool concept.

I hope you are having a good Sunday.  I'm going to go get ready for church. 

Un besote bien estrujante para mi amor. ;) ♥


How's my love waking up today? :)

I'm just waking up here.  I kept waking up through out the night because I had a lot of dreams about Carolyn.  It was weird.  I think I'm just subconsciously worried about her since I haven't heard how her surgery went. 

Despite the fact that I went to bed early, I feel a little tired right now.  Probably from all the waking up.  I'm debating whether I should get a little more sleep or I should just head to the kitchen to find something to wake me up.

I'm sure a kiss from you would be more than ideal. :P

I think I'm starting to feel more awake though.  Maybe I'll just make a smoothie and I should be good. 

What are you up to this morning?

Come have breakfast with me.  I can't promise you that I will cook this morning but there is always the option of a cereal box. :D

Sigh! That would be so good. ♡

I hope your morning is going amazing, babe. 

Muchos pero muchos besos de buenos dias para mi amor.  Ojala estuvieras aqui para poder abrazarte muy fuerte. ;) ♥♥♥