Saturday, October 13, 2018


How's your evening going?

Doing anything this Saturday night?

We got back from the party a little bit ago.  It was so much fun!!

I often think how much of a blessing my calling has been in many different aspects.  Believe it or not after 18 years of living in the US, there are activities and games that I am still not very familiar with. 

I serve in my calling but I truly do believe that it has been a tremendous blessing for the kids and I.   Tonight it truly felt like hanging out with family, which as you know we don't really get to experience very often. 

I feel like this is good for Kaylynn and Ashton too.  They got to experience a little bit of that and they both kept saying how fun tonight was.  Which I truly agree!

Do you know what I wish I could do?

Learn to play more mind stimulating games.  I don't often play board games that are a little more complex, but I find that when I do I find myself wishing that I could play more.  Most games require fewer players than just 2 people so whenever we do get to play with other friends, I really enjoy it. 

It was a good night tonight. 

I just realized that you said you are busy so I'll cut the conversation short.  I'll be awake for a little bit longer, just reading.  So hopefully I'll get to talk to you more, but if not then I'm wishing you a very good night. 

I hope you are having an enjoyable Saturday night whatever you are up to.

I really wish I were with you right now.

Sending you a kiss sweetie. ♥︎♥︎♥︎


How's it going honey?

Having a good Saturday so far?

Just getting back home and came to say hi to my love. :)

I hope your day is going super good with whatever you might be doing. 

As I was telling you earlier we are having a party for our class this evening.  Kristi and I have been wanting to do something for them that's outside of church so we decided to do a fall party with a few activities and games we can play and we'll have soups, pies and some fall drink.   It should be a lot of fun for them, and for us too! :)

We haven't gotten to do much this fall season around here so this should be something different we can do this year. 

Are you excited for fall break next week?

I haven't planned anything for it but I'm most definitely looking forward to it. :)

Anyhow sweetheart, just wanted to come say hi and send you a really big kiss. ;)

I hope your day will continue to go pretty great. 

The party is later this evening at 6pm.  I will continue to be a little busy as I have to make some soup and then go help with the rest of the stuff, but I'll come check from time to time and if I see you here then I'll talk to you. 

Mas besos mi corazon.  Nos vemos pronto. :D


How's everything going?

I hope that although a little busy, things are going well. 

A bit the same here this morning.  I have a session at 9:30am so I'll be leaving here in the next hour or so. 

It's just here in Orem so it shouldn't take very long.  I do have a somewhat busy Saturday since we are having a little fall party for our class and I will be helping Kristi get ready for it, but I'd still love to talk to you if your days slows down. 

I hope your day will go very good until I see you again. 

Sending you much love too, and a kiss. :)

Te quiero.  

Thursday, October 11, 2018


How's your day?

A little less “fun” than mine I hope? :)

We were able to locate the package so I'm very relieved that it was found.  I need it for Saturday so it would definitely have been a hassle if I wasn't able to get a replacement before then. 

Anyway... How are things going for you?

I had to wait for them to search for the package so I was watching a few YouTube videos and one of the suggestions was a video from Mike Matas that I hadn't seen before since it's an older video. 

It's called...

 The Brain: A neural network built entirely in Quartz Composer. 

To paraphrase his description it's basically a neural network that you teach it different things by example.  You give it a question and then you give it the answer and it quickly puts it together and learns how to solve it.   He was saying that it can solve some pretty complicated problems, which I thought was cool. 

I don't know if you are still into coding but it made me think of you, and that it might be something you might enjoy watching so I wanted to share it with you. 

Anyhow sweetie, I'm going to be editing for the evening.  But I'll still be on my computer and will take breaks here and there so if you are not too busy then hopefully we'll get to talk some more.

I hope your late afternoon is going great.

Un beso cariño.


I’ll be right back.  You know how I mentioned that I was about to order a lens? 

I did and it was supposed to be delivered today.  Amazon sent it through regular post office which usually they send things that are more valuable through UPS.  

Anyhow, for some reason I keep having the same issue with the post office... where they keep delivering my packages to some other address that looks like mine.  The lady has been so nice to deliver them but it is so frustrating.  That just happened with my package today.  

I’m headed there right now to try to figure out how to get it back. 

Be back to talk to you more once I get that figured out. 

Hope you are having a good day sweetheart. 

Un beso. ❤️


How's everything going sweetie?

Un beso al darte los buenos dias.  Espero estes amaneciendo muy bien. 

I kept waking up last night thinking about you.  I don't know why sometimes that happens but it always leaves me wondering. 

Anyhow, I hope your day is up a to a great start today. 

I'm headed up to Salt Lake this morning.  I have an appointment at 9:45am so I'll be leaving here a little early because traffic always seems to be pretty intense whenever I have to drive up there with all the morning commuters. 

I'm not quite sure when I will be back, but for sure I should be home by 11:30 or so.  I will come see how your day is going then and hopefully get to chat with you a bit more. 

Wishing you a very good morning my love.  I hope your work day will start pretty great.

Mas besos antes de irme. ♡

Te quiero. ♥︎

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I'm going to be gone for the afternoon.  I'm headed out to do a couple of sessions out in Provo Canyon.  I'll be home around 7:30pm or so.  

I saw that you said you were still busy.  I'll come talk to you when I get home if I see you back. 

I hope it's been a good day for you.

Nos vemos en un rato. 

Sending you much love and a kiss honey.


I saw that you are busy so I won't say much.  But I wanted to ask you for a big favor. 

If you would please interact back a little bit more often whenever possible, just for a couple of days. It would mean a lot to me.   I'll explain to you why later when you are not too busy. 

I hope you will have a great start to your day with whatever you are working on. 

Much love and a kiss sweetie. ♥︎

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hey there...

Sending some love to my handsome.  I hope your morning is going great.

Mine is a bit busy but it's going pretty good.

Un beso en la mejilla izquierda y otro en la derecha. ;)

Te veo en un rato amor. ♥

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Hey honey... how's your afternoon going?

We just got back from Salt Lake.  It was a quick trip, we just got what we needed and left.

Any plans for Labor Day? 

We are staying home.  Probably going to rent a movie and play games. 
I would like to go for a walk up to the waterfall in Nunn's Park if the kids are up to it. We'll see.  We might do that in the morning if it's not too cold.

I hope you are having a great day, Jason.

I'll talk to you soon. 

Un beso. ♥