Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Ordinary days are actually quite extraordinary.  Don't you think? 
They are important days in our life.  Without a routine in our day we wouldn't be able to appreciate the more exciting days.

I often hear people complaint about how they are doing the same things day after day.
I'm actually quite appreciative of these kind of days.  I am grateful that I get to take my daughter to school every day.  That I get to have breakfast with my son every morning.  If these things were no longer in my day I would miss them very much.

I believe that every day brings it's own challenges so these so called ordinary days are anything but ordinary.   We learn with each passing day what life is all about. 

For me... life is about family, happiness, learning, experience and balance.

Ordinary days are great!

I hope you are having an amazing ordinary day, I look forward to being a part of them! ♥ 


Hey you!

So you liked that I surprised you with an early morning post huh? ;-)

I was doing dishes this morning and I was thinking about my aunt's geese.
Random thing to talk about but um... I really dislike geese.

My uncle's family lived behind our house and vice versa.
 My aunt had a bunch of geese.  Whenever my mom wanted me to go get something from my aunt's house I had to go through the fence and run around their backyard being chased by my aunt's geese.  

I hated the stupid geese, they would bite me all the time.
I was laughing at that this morning.

Speaking of things that make you smile.  Kay told me today that I looked really happy.
I wonder why I look so happy... =P

I hope you are having a great morning!

I'll talk to you later this afternoon! ♥


Buen dia amor!

Que tengas una muy buena mañana en el trabajo.

Te extraño mucho pero te llevo en mi mente y en mi corazon. ♥

Monday, March 30, 2015


Buenas noches Jason!

Tonight I will dream of you... of being in your arms while looking at the stars.

Sweet dreams to the amazing man that stole my heart! ♥


I love going dancing!  
When I was younger I would go to the local dancing events every weekend.  It's something I really enjoy.  

My family loves dancing.  Family birthdays, Holidays, simple family gatherings would turn into big dancing parties.  It was a lot of fun!

When I lived in L.A. I went with my cousins to a couple of nightclubs in North Hollywood.  That was a totally different experience but equally fun.

A few months after I arrived in Salt Lake I found this Latin club called Tropicana.  I am not even sure that it's still open but that place was one of my favorites to go to with my friends.

I haven't gone dancing in a while but I love remembering those great nights!

Another favorite memory is from my nights at the beach in Veracruz.
I moved to Veracruz City to go to school. I lived there for about a year.  I shared a house with three other roommates.  We used to go to the beach at night.  We loved going jogging there.  Listening to the ocean waves at night and feeling the breeze on your face is pretty heavenly.

The nights in Veracruz are super warm.  People love to go out at night.
I did a lot of fun things while I lived there.  Even Karaoke nights. haha

Veracruz is a more laid-back tourist area.  Most foreigners that visit "El Puerto" (which is what they call Veracruz City) go there for a more relaxed time.

What are some of your favorite memories?
I want to hear about it all! =P


Hey good looking... What's happening?

Let's go watch Insurgent =P

I'm hanging out with Ashton.  Kay is outside playing soccer.
It's Monday, not much going on around here tonight.

I'm probably going to plan a little Easter menu while I have time.

 I should be grateful for the slow evening right?
It would for sure be more fun with you by my side.  ;-)

I'll talk to you soon my love! ♥


Hola guapo, como va tu dia?

I'm feeling a little better.  Some conversations are no fun but necessary for life to move on.

On a happier note, I received a fun update from Pinterest today. 
My tortellini post is getting a lot of pins again.   Last year it got a couple of hundred pins during the Summer months on my personal account. It was featured on a 4th of July recipes article.  It  makes me excited to share even more things on my blog.

Are you looking forward to trying some of my cooking?
I hope so! ;-)

I am looking forward to cooking for you, sitting down to eat with you, having lazy days with you, kissing you, cuddling with you... being with you!

Que tengas un buen dia... nos vemos en un rato! ♥