Friday, September 4, 2015


Right before we left.

I forgot to mention earlier that we saw "bicitaxis" in Salt Lake.  How cool is that.
They had neon lights on the back too. One of the drivers was dressed as a fairy. haha I loved that! 

Salt Lake is such a cool place.  I love how much it has grown and I enjoy seeing people from all backgrounds. 

It was beautiful tonight.  They had a club night at the Gallivan Center.  It looked like fun.

I don't know that I would go dancing very often now.  But I think a couple of nights a year would be fun. 

So goodnight, you. 

I hope you had a very good Friday evening.

A kiss for my handsome love. =P

See you tomorrow.  
(tomorrow starts at 12) jk! ;-) 

Te quiero...  que pases una muy buena noche. ♥


Hey baby, how was your evening?

I posted a short message from my phone right when we left the restaurant but I don't see it here. Weird! It said it posted. 

Anyways... We are home now. 

That place was soooo good!  We loved the food.  It's really cool looking too.

Kaylynn had their signature spaghetti. That meatball was huge.  It was a 10oz meatball.  Crazy!

I had the Chicken Parmigiano.  It was delicious!

Ashton had a slice of pizza.  It was amazing.

A little flameless candle on the tables, which I totally loved. 

Crazy busy and hard to find parking around the area, but the food was totally worth it. 

They have tables outside with twinkle lights.  So pretty! 
It was too windy to sit outside, and since it was our first time there... we wanted to be indoors anyways.

The hostess came to our table and asked me to stay for the dance.  I guess they clear the tables and open a dance floor for their customers.  I told her I had my kids with me so maybe next time. :)

That would have been fun.

It was beautiful when we came out.  Nice and breezy.

We didn't get a chance to go to Trader Joe's.  We got there a bit late because traffic was pretty bad on the way up.  It was a fun night though.
Definitely a place to go back to.  Both for the food and the cool atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed your night.

I'm going to get Ashton to bed.  He is eating ice cream. :)

I'll be back. ;-) ♥


Hey you...

Ready for a nice 3 day weekend?

What are you up to this evening?

The kids and I are going to try this place in Salt Lake called Maxwell's East Coast Eatery.  Have some (hopefully) yummy Authentic Italian food.

It was featured on the Food Network a while ago and I told Kaylynn that at some point we would go try it. 

So that's the plan for later tonight.  We might stop by Trader Joe's since it's up there, but we'll see. 

I wish you an amazing Friday evening, my love.

I'll say hi from my phone.

I'll talk to you soon.

Much love, handsome.♥


Hey love of mine...

Saying hi..  I hope your afternoon is going very good. 

Nos vemos mas tarde, corazon. ;-)

Un beso. ♥


Hey! :)

How's your day going?

I'm sitting here working on something on the computer.  Getting distracted by the shadow of the trees moving. It's peeking through the blinds accompanied by this awesome glow and it's a cool reflection on my desk. 

It's a beautiful breezy day.  I'm loving it.

I hope your day is going good. 

All my love. ♥


Hey... just saying hi in between posts.  I am thinking about you and wanted to tell you that.

Sending you love, Jason.

More than words could ever express. ♥


Happy Friday, my love!

Have a very good start to your morning.  A loving kiss, my handsome.

Have a great day! ♥

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hey honey!

How was your night?

Mine went good.  I worked some more on Kay's birthday stuff tonight after they went to bed.   Seemed like tonight went a bit fast.

Have a great night my love.

A loving kiss.

See you tomorrow. ♥


Hey... what are you up to?

Someone was talking about you tonight while we were on our way to Orem. Something about fist bumps and you doing it better than anyone else.  They think you are the coolest ever.  You left a great impression.  I thought you would like to know that. =P

I really like it when I get to hear stories about you.

So hey... do you remember my post about The Lantern Fest?

They are having one in Grantsville on September the 11th.  I got tickets for it.  I'm taking the kids.

I know that in my post from a while ago, I talked about you and I going to one of those if you were up for it.  I wish so much that this was the case for this time, but I understand where things are at.   I just thought I should mention it. 

I'm actually quite excited to take the kids.  I think it will be a neat experience for them.  I still remember when we watched Tangled for the first time, and how magical we thought that part was.

I'm pretty sure they'll have another one in the future. ;-)

I'm going to read with this little guy sitting next to me. =)

Have a great evening!

I'll talk to you in a bit. ♥


Hey my love...  I need to go to Orem to get something that Kaylynn needs for tomorrow.

I'll talk to you when I get back. 

I hope you have a relaxing rest of your afternoon.

See you in a bit.

Un beso.