Tuesday, May 24, 2016


¡Ey guapo! :)

Ya alistandome para dormirme y vine a darte las buenas noches.

Me siento un poco cansada esta noche porque ayer no dormimos muy bien con mi enfermito.  Parece que esta noche ya esta durmiendo mas tranquilo asi que le sigo los pasos y me voy a descansar tambien. :)

Ojala estuvieras aqui para poder darte un apachurron de buenas noches.
Pero te lo mando y tambien el beso mas enorme que hay. ;)

Que pases una muy buena noche, mi amor...

¡Hasta mañana!

Me voy a soñar con esa sonrisa tan encantadora. :P ♥


¿Como te va este anochecer?

We were admiring the awesome sunset glow peeking through the blinds earlier while we were reading.  I can't say enough how much I love the evenings around this time of the year.

So what's my love up to?

I hope enjoying the nice evening.

Like I mentioned earlier, Ashton has been a little sick since last night.  We don't usually get sick this often, I am not sure why we have lately.  But we read a little extra and he fell asleep super quick.

Now just a quiet evening for me.

Do you remember when I told you that I had a fun conversation with that lady from the Park City Culinary Institute?  Well looks like they decided to go for it and offer a 5 course dining experience where people get to tour their facility and meet the chef.  I'm thinking about making it our dinner activity.  I think it would be a fun experience to see what they do and taste some of their signature dishes. 

I'm still keeping my list for those other cool restaurants.  Something to do later, maybe dinner for two. ;)

Enviandote un besote, encanto.

Que tu noche siga super agradable, mi amor. ♥


How's it going?

We are starting our little bed time routine here, but wanted to come say hello. 

Ashton has been a little sick since last night so I'm spending a little bit of time with him tonight and reading an extra story to cheer him up.

I hope your evening is up to a great start.

I'll talk to you a little more after we are done here.

Muchos besos, amor. ♥


I hope your day has gone good today.

Originally I had written a different post but I just noticed you are having a bit of a busy late afternoon. I noticed your day went pretty busy too so I decided to just say hi instead.  We can talk some more later. :)

Sending you a kiss, I hope you will have a pretty great late afternoon. 

Mucho cariño, bebé. ♥


How's your morning going?

Hopefully a great Tuesday so far.  Do you guys get to do kickball and things like that?

Kay said they are having a game today.  I think it's really fun that they get to do that during the last weeks.  I remember that happened last year too.  Fun stuff!

Lo que sea que esten haciendo, espero estes teniendo buena mañana.

Te mando un beso bien grande, bebé. ♥


Happy Tuesday, handsome!

I see the night posts there and heart so I imagine your morning is starting a little busy.  I hope everything is going pretty great for you.

Deseandote una gran mañana, guapo. :)

Mucho cariño y un beso. ♥

Monday, May 23, 2016


Saying goodnight sweetie.  I'm going to go to bed, I am a bit tired tonight.

Wishing you a very good night, baby!

A loving kiss going your way.

Hasta mañana, amore. ♥

Hi baby, I'm back.

I saw the back home post there so I'm just sending you a bit of love. I hope that whatever you are up to, your night is going great.

Not much going on for the rest of the night here.  I'm going to get ready for bed and do some reading.

Enviandote un beso mas, guapo.

Que estes pasando una noche estupenda.

Mucho cariño. ♥


How's it going? :)

I am home.  I need to get this little one to bed, but I wanted to come say good evening too. :P

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful evening.  It feels so nice tonight.

I love that late sunsets during this time of the year. :)

Regreso, mi amor.



¡Ey mi corazon!

Espero estes teniendo muy buena tarde.  Noto estas un poco ocupado.

Voy a salir a hacer unos mandados y quise saludarte antes de irme puesto que tengo que manejar y talves no pueda agarrar mi telefono enseguida.

Deseo pases un lindo atardecer, bebé.

Nos vemos mas por la noche.

Un beso. ♥