Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hey you!

I hope your day is ending well.  I noticed it's been a bit busy so I figured instead of making much conversation I would just show you a couple of pictures from Kay's birthday.

Ashton and I showed up with the giant balloon numbers to her school.  It was a little breezy so at times it looked like it was a 31.  It was the joke that she needed to share her secret as to why she looked so young. Haha!

Can you spot the spanakopitas? :)

I hope you will have a great late afternoon. 

Muchos besos, amor. ♥


¡Buen medio dia para mi amor!

I hope today is going great for you.

The strangest thing just happened to me.  I was putting away some dishes and a glass container slipped and broke into a million pieces all over me as it was coming down.   Not a single cut but it was really odd how it broke as it was still up in the air and showered me tiny little pieces of glass. 

I've never had that happened before.   Makes me think of my friend Kristi who says the oddest things happen to her all the time.  I don't really have strange things like that happen to me so it was a little weird. 

Anyway, other than that a pretty average afternoon. 

It's a really nice day, I hope it's going pretty awesome for you.

Enviandote un besote bien enorme.



Sounds good, baby.  Sending kisses your way, I hope it's been a good morning so far. 


See you when you get back.

Te quiero. ♥


¿Como estas amaneciendo, mi amor?

Espero despertandote a una mañana agradable.  Te mando un apachurrante abrazo desde aqui para darte los buenos dias.  De esos que duran mucho y dicen nunca quisiera soltarte. ♡

Que tengas un excelente inicio a tu dia. 

Besos, mi amor.

Buena mañana, Jason. ♥

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I'm going to bed. 

It has finally settled down here but I also see you a little quiet so I'll just say good night in case you are working on something. 

Hopefully we'll get to talk more tomorrow.

Have a really good night, sweetie!

Que descanses...

Un beso bien grande de buenas noches viene a ti. ♥


How's it going?

I hope very good.

I'm talking to you although I'm not sure that you have come back.  Someone has been reading my posts from an iPhone and appears to be from California. There are all these lines of posts so it's really hard to tell which are from you.

It has only been for a couple of days and I didn't mention it because I was hoping whoever it is wouldn't come back but tonight it got a little confusing. 

I wish I could tell you that it doesn't bother me, but it kind of does.  I just came to wish you a good evening. 

I'll talk to you a little more when I say goodnight and hopefully then it'll be a little more quiet and I can see for sure it is you.

Espero sigas pasando un buen anochecer.

Un beso, bebé. ♥


¿Que haciendo esta tarde?

Like I told you earlier I have a very much average weekday night and I can't tell you how happy that makes me today. 

I thought of taking these guys to pick up an Autumn book like we did last year but Kay has her activity tonight so we probably wouldn't be back on time.  For sure we'll do it this upcoming week. 

She is still asking me about the surprise for Saturday.  She is dying to know what we are doing.  The suspense is killing her. Haha

They offered a few seats in their bus for anyone who needed a ride and I thought of riding with them since I've never been there but that wouldn't give us much freedom to stay as long as we want to, particularly if we stay to watch the sunset which most likely we will. 

I was thinking that I need to keep myself more informed about these kind of events which are a little more educational.  I saw a list of other things they will be doing next month so we might go do some of those too.

Back when I was looking at museums they were remodeling the UMFA which was okay because I'm saving that one to go with you.  But they were offering free activities for kids that looked really fun.   We already had too many things going on with our list but I think it would be fun to check out what they have for this season.  Specially if they are free. 

I'm super excited for Saturday.  I can't wait to see her face when we get there.  Oh yeah... I'm not telling her where we are going until we get there and she gets to see the place. haha 0=-)

Anyway... yeah just hanging out at home for the rest of the evening doing weekday things. :)

Espero estes pasando un buen atardecer, bebé.

Beso bien enorme en esa sonrisa. ;) ♥


How's your afternoon going, my love?

Stopping by to wish you a great end to your day.  I have to take Kaylynn to get some things she needs for school. 

I'll talk to you when I get back home, unless you are busy in which case I'll just see you when I talk to you next. ;)

It's so toasty today.  I was like whoa!  Bring back the cool weather. :)

Anyway... see you in a bit, babe. 

Stay cool!  Oh wait... you are already pretty cool. Ha! :P

Besos, mi amor. ♥


How's it going... having a good Wednesday? :)

I'm back home.  I think I've mentioned this before but it always feels good the day after birthdays or holidays.  It just feel great to be done with it and I don't have to worry about it anymore.   A nice big check off my list. :)

It's a beautiful day, I hope it's going great for you.

Catching up with some work here.  A pretty average weekday, so happy about that. 

So anyway, I just saw that your day is still a bit busy so I'll just see you a little bit later.

Que sigas pasando un buen medio dia.

Un beso, bebé. ♥

HI BABY! :) ♥

How's it going?

I noticed you were back a few times, I don't know if you were worried that maybe I'm a little sad because of my sweet senior's passing.

I'm okay, I truly am.  I knew from the very beginning that it happens, that's one thing I was told by the person that trained me.   I'm sure it'll feel a bit different as I go do deliveries, but I truly am okay.

And of course if that's why you were here, then Thank you,  that's so very sweet of you.  MUAH! :)

 I did see that you are a little busy but I thought I still come talk to you and tell you that I noticed if that's what you were doing. 

I hope it's a great morning for you at work.

A kiss with much love coming your way, baby.

Te quiero bastante. ♥